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Dealer Policies

Appointment as a Dealer
  • On receipt of signed Dealer Application, DFS hereby appoints the dealer as a non-exclusive authorized forms dealer. Dealers have the right to sell DFS products to end users. DFS will act as your vendor. You may not use the NEBS logo or make any reference to NEBS in your advertising. If you use the NEBS name or logo, consciously or inadvertently, your DFS dealer privileges may be revoked.

Support from DFS
  • DFS will provide the dealer with sales tools to make forms sales an easy, profitable addition to the dealer's income. DFS Dealer Representatives are available Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (except holidays) at 1-800-490-6327. Dealer Representatives will gladly answer all questions concerning the DFS program, products, ordering and invoicing.

Placing Orders
  • Orders can be placed by internet, phone, fax or mail. Orders for cheques should include a bank specification sheet or a cheque marked "void" (sorry, no deposit slips). First time orders with new artwork can only be accepted by internet or mail, as faxing can distort logo artwork. Custom logos and other customer artwork may be redrawn to meet printing specifications, for which there will be an additional charge. Imprint information will be printed in our standard format, as shown in the catalogue, unless otherwise noted on the order. Please specify starting number when applicable.

  • We'll ship products with standard imprints within three to five working days, products within 10 business days. Orders with custom artwork and special printing instructions will take longer. Stock products ship in 24 hours. DFS will prepay the freight charges (using Purolator or Canada Post) and ship to dealer or end users as specified on order form.

Payment Options
  • Orders are subject to credit approval. Prepayment will speed first-time orders through our credit department. For dealers having received credit approval, terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice. In the event that open account terms cannot be established, terms are Payment with Order. If an account is past due, any new orders will be held until payment is received for the outstanding balance. DFS reserves the right to change a dealer's open account status if payment history warrants. DFS accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Ask your Dealer Sales Consultant for details. Sales tax will be assessed on sales materials and items purchased for dealer's own use.

100% Quality Guarantee
  • For 90 days from the day we ship your order, you are covered by our 100% "Quality Guarantee" which is applicable to all Printed Products. We will replace, refund or credit any of our manufactured products found to contain printing errors caused by us, or to be defective in workmanship or materials. Any printed product created using customer supplied print ready files or created using the services of our composition design team are also guaranteed to match your approved proof in all aspects.

Parallel Marketing
  • The dealer understands that NEBS Business Products Ltd. sells business forms products through direct mail independently. Further, the dealer realizes that such marketing activity may reach some of the dealer's customers incidentally, and offer products that serve a similar function. However, customers of DFS dealers are maintained on a separate computer data base and are NOT commingled with NEBS customers.

Maintaining Dealership Status
  • The dealer understands that the DFS is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEBS Business Products Ltd. The DFS sales channel provides a great deal of value to our reseller customers, in tools to help them grow their business, marketing support, program management etc.. In turn it is expected that the reseller customer is buying products for resale, thus helping them increase their account penetration, expand their reach to new customers and increase their margins on their overall business. With over 5,000 products that we manufacture, the opportunity is endless. In order to maintain ones Dealership status, thus enabling them to take advantage of the significant discounts available through the DFS channel, an activity and sales criteria has been established for all DFS customers.
  • From original sign up a dealer, the reseller must sell a minimum of 5 orders annually.
  • From original sign up as a dealer the reseller must sell a minimum of $2,000 annually.
  • Payment history must be in good standing based on the determination of NEBS credit.

Dealer sales are considered products and services acquired for resale and not branded for the reseller for their own use. DFS discounts do apply to purchases of products for their own use as long as their dealership status is maintained. Dealership status will be reviewed on an annual basis and failure to meet the aforementioned criteria will be cause to remove a dealer from the program. The dealer will be informed of their change in status in writing.

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