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Selling Tips

General Selling Tips

  1. Know your customers and understand their pain points
  2. Know your customers industry
  3. Develop your solutions to satisfy their pain point
  4. Have an objective for every call, no matter how small or big
  5. Prepare your questions before your call, and write them down
  6. When presenting,
    • tell them what your going to tell them
    • tell them
    • tell them what you told them
  7. Add value in every call

Cheque Sales Made Easy
Nearly all companies need Cheques. You can profit enormously by providing companies with Cheques compatible with their software package or providing them with one of our one-write Chequewriting systems.

Follow these Easy Steps to Increase Your Cheque Sales:

  1. Display or hand out your Premium Quality Business Printing Catalogue.
  2. Distribute Cheque stuffers in invoices, statements or other mail correspondence.
  3. Ask customers if they are using a specific accounting software package.
  4. Once you've determined which software package your customer uses, Check out our software compatibility index (found within the Quality Business Printing Catalogue) to locate the compatible Cheques. If the software package is not listed, call a DFS customer service representative at 1-800-490-6327. We have Cheques compatible with over 1,000 software packages!
  5. Obtain a Cheque sample or new account specification sheet (usually available from the customer's financial institution).
  6. Recommend deposit slips and obtain a deposit slip sample to increase your order and your profits.
  7. Send order via on-line, fax, phone or mail to DFS.
  8. When you follow these simple steps you'll be on your way to solid Cheque sales and big profits!

Custom Printing for a Unique Image
You can count on DFS to help you increase sales of custom printing. Custom cheques and forms are more popular than ever as customers realize they can create their own unique cheques and forms perfect for their business. And not only will you earn more money on these higher priced orders but you'll retain more customers too!

Follow these simple steps to grow your custom business:

  1. Tell all customers that cheques and forms can be modified to fit their particular business needs whether it's a new column heading, an extra row, or additional Cheque boxes, they can get the perfect form!
  2. Use our custom sales materials to get the word out. The custom capabilities brochure is perfect for building awareness among your customers. Distribute these brochures to both current customers and prospects.
  3. Give your customers an "estimate". Let them know how much it will cost to give them the "perfect" form. Chances are, it'll be more reasonable then they think!
  4. Promote the 100% quality guarantee. If your customers are not completely satisfied with the look of their new custom cheque or form we'll refund the purchase price or replace it FREE! This will put prospective custom prospects at ease.

Make custom a big part of your business - it's the best customer retention tool available in the industry!

Increase Your Holiday Greetings Collection Sales ....and Profits!

DFS is proud to offer quality greeting cards and calendars to help you increase sales at huge profit margins!

Follow these suggested sales tips to maximize your holiday sales.

  1. Extend the early bird discounts to all or your best customers.
  2. Make follow-up calls to previous holiday card/calendar buyers.
  3. Send out advanced mailings or initiate broadcast fax messaging to prospects and customers, letting them know you sell these items (Use our Holiday Catalogue, Stuffers or PDF's - it's an inexpensive way to notify your customers).
  4. Prompt all customers to order early for best selection and savings.
  5. Suggest all card buyers order additional calendars to give to their customers to promote their own business.
  6. Promote holiday cards by placing your own order in September, and mail cards to your customers and prospects in October with a message to order their holiday cards from you!

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