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"I really appreciate DFS for all their help and patience any time I call them up with questions.... Being the type of Dealer that is very technical about things and loves asking many questions, the staff at DFS is always willing to go well beyond the norm to help me with any new product or existing one they offer.Since there are so many different aspects and products in the printing industry in general , its very rare that there exists a supplier like DFS that has such a complete line of products and services ranging from business forms to promotional and marketing ...etc.. at a reasonable price whereby one could earn a good living. I've had the good fortune to be dealing with DFS for the last 8 years...Keep up the good work!"
Bruce Nishmas , Dynamic Business Forms in Quebec

"I look forward to placing orders with the crew at DFS. They are always helpful, always pleasant, no matter who answers the phone. They recognize that my customer is their customer and that always translates into a happy customer."
Colin Mitzel, Kelowna Insta Print

"To develop and remain a print industry leader in Eastern Canada, CCG has been steadily evolving toward offering our clients more complex label and print solutions. However, no matter how complicated a clients needs become, they invariably require items like cheques, forms and envelopes. Often, supplying these basic business items can lead me to acquiring valuable insights into my clients operations. DFS helps me to keep fundamental client needs easily managed and incredibly simple... plus, they drop ship my orders fast. The DFS dealer program enables more time for me to focus on challenges."
John Harvey, CCG Communication

"I have been working with DFS for many years now. I thoroughly enjoy conversing with the friendly staff. They are very helpful even though I may call them a few times a day and ask virtually the same questions. Mara is always helping me to find the most cost effective ways of meeting my customers needs and will even pick the phone up after closing. Nicola is so sweet and helpful. Everyone works hard to get things done right the first time, which is much appreciated in this world of not enough time. Really what more could a client ask for."
G. Cara, Aurora Office

"I have been working with DFS for about 12 years. I have had awesome service all these years and if there is a problem it is fixed immediately in a professional and fair manner. I use them for all clients printing needs...there is just no reason to go anywhere else!"
Jim Simard, Care Printing & Publishing Inc.

"I have been a DFS reseller for 4 years and I would like to acknowledge them for not only their superior product quality and pricing but mainly on their staff and customer service. It is always a pleasure speaking with any of their customer service representatives. They always go the extra mile to complete a job from start to finish to the customers satisfaction in a timely fashion."
Rose Glavin, South Huron Office Solution

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