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Top Reasons

Significant Margin Opportunities

  • Instantly earn 15% to 40% margins on most products.

Quality of Product and Services

  • Add over 2000 essential business products to your inventory. Our best of class quality in standard, custom and full colour products are guaranteed to satisfy you and your customers.

Ease of Ordering

  • Simply take your customers orders and call, email or enter them online. DFS offers superior customer service, from order to delivery - total satisfaction.

Product Expertise

  • Our DFS Account Management team can answer all of your product and service questions and handle every detail of your order.

Knowledgeable Dedicated Staff

  • Our DFS staff is highly trained and knowledgeable, they have the ability to provide fast, accurate and detailed information so that they can quickly respond to your customers' needs.

Breadth of Product and Service Offering

  • DFS has the broadest product range of any printer in the industry. We truly are a one-stop shop for all your print needs.

DFS Reputation as a Trade Printer

  • For over 18 years DFS, has helped dealers all across the country profit big by offering a wide variety of quality printed products.

Security of My Information

  • Our strict "security of information" standards, precludes even us from having access to your customer information.
    It is our guarantee.

Quick Turnaround Time

  • You’ll get fast turnaround - most catalogue orders ship within 3 business days.

Sales Tools

  • As a DFS dealer you have access to all our resources. With small business white papers, industry knowledge, samples, generic product catalogues, and more, we will help you achieve success. Proven sales and marketing support. Our library of sales tools makes staying top of mind with customers easy.

Extensive Small Business Knowledge

  • We know small business. Our "Start", "Manage", and "Grow" your business mantra is geared specifically to small business and we can help you increase your success with your small business customers.

Partnering for your Business Success

  • It is our commitment to provide a level of service and dependability that dealers rely upon. We will work with you to bring the right solutions to your clients, thus making our relationship a win-win.

Your Success is Our Success

  • Your success has a lot to do with who you work with. We will help you be more successful so you can take greater advantage of what we have to offer.

Value for Product Cost

  • With our ease of ordering, knowledgeable staff, helpful tools, and passion for our client's success, on top of our extremely competitive pricing, there is no better vendor value.

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